", Pros: "Fairly nice flight. NL : il y a 744 871 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 11 062 décès en date du 27 déc. I couldn't sleep because of how hot it was and I didn't think to tell the crew because I didn't know they would care. Would avoid this airline at all costs. Cons: "The first flight was late so I was worried I'd miss my connection (however connection was delayed too so I made it). Boarding is chaotic with no staging. ", Pros: "In general, it was ok" The screens on the seat backs on 767 are ridiculously small and stuttery. ", Pros: "Friendly service, superfast check-in" No information given about luggage and being forced to pay for a seat fee. ", Pros: "Really friendly service, both on the ground and in the air", Pros: "The in-flight meal was very good. Kayak put us on different planes at different times on our return flight back to the USA. Points négatifs : "Studardess were very unpleasant,2 times they passed my row,had to take out garbage by myself. First time in my experience a full wide-body aircraft boarding was not by row. They had plenty of time to move our luggage to the next airplane, but too careless to do that. Much walking for no reason. ", Pros: "We were delayed on our second flight from Paris to Bucarest, so we ended up missing our connection to Timisoara. There are 905 (nonstop) flights between Amsterdam and Paris per week, averaging 129 per day. Will avoid having to fly United in the future and will make sure I am indeed getting on a Lufthansa plane. Please keep up the good work - your attitude is everything! Boarding is chaotic with no staging. Points négatifs : "Crew attitude , allowing oversized baggage in the craft, no food service though it's not LCC. Flying from Paris back to Amsterdam , the best deals are generally found on Friday, with Wednesday being the most expensive. Cons: "I can't think of anything to complain about for European commuter flights. Points négatifs : "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Il n'est pas acceptable d'afficher une version numérique sur un téléphone ou une tablette.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs sont soumis à une auto-quarantaine de 10 jours. Il n'y a vraiment pas grand chose à redire." They need to communicate with each other and customers more. Ensuite reacheminement en bus ou taxi pour les plus chanceux. Great gift for kids to play onboard." One of the flight attendants was rude when we were trying to deal with our child who had vomited. They are in tune with keeping the traveler updated." So, Lufthansa staff met the connecting passengers as we disembarked, shuttled us via bus to the International terminal and ensured we made our connection. ", Points positifs : "Friendly and practical no complaints", Points positifs : "La place et le.vol.." ", Points positifs : "It didn't take longer to board! CDG security also frustratingly slow", Points négatifs : "Guy at check in was rude and insulting and my bag didn't arrive. My air conditioner fan for my seat was completely broken but had to pay for that seat as well. ", Pros: "Croissants and chocolate on an early morning flight", Pros: "They put us in a nice hotel" Points négatifs : "Boarding was delayed and confusing. Tampoco me gustó la atención de la tripulación, no pasaron por mi puesto ofreciendo el mísero vaso de agua que daban. In the past 3 days, the cheapest one-way tickets were found on Transavia ($58) and Multiple Airlines ($91), and the lowest round-trip tickets have been found on Transavia ($103) and Transavia France ($106). Room to spread out." I did not have any of my personal things woth me . Enfin, comptez entre 40 et 60 € pour un taxi. Although these connecting flights sacrifice some convenience, on average, travelers save 20%-60% when they choose to fly multi-stop versus a direct flight.. On ne voit pratiquement rien sur les écrans selon où est situé dans l’avion", Points positifs : "Bombardier C Series. The plane was a United flight. I got excited with that first flight. ", Pros: "The crew is fantastic team,Dana is the best!Thank you" Nol much to see out of a wall. ", Points positifs : "Standard on most parts with pleasant staff" 7 . Cons: "Frankfurt airport is dreadful. ", Points négatifs : "Booked assistance and got dumped at the gate 3hrs before departure, no English spoken and didn't even ask if my mum needed the bathroom or if we wanted to do some shopping. Pourtant atterrissage prévu initialement vers 11h. Points négatifs : "Sandwich was small but in Swiss I got only an ice cream on the short flight like this, so that seems to be OK.", Points négatifs : "The fact that, although the card said it was the same company for both flights (two-legged), I could not get a boarding pass at check/in for both flights, for both the outbound and return journey, and had to go through customs and border control twice just to get a new boarding pass each time. ", Cons: "Afrer a day I am still in Pittsburgh!!! ", Cons: "It was not a Lufthansa flight, as I had bought, but a United flight because of their partnership. Points négatifs : "Food is bad", Points positifs : "Les hôtesses et les Stewart très professionnels ! Lounge in SFO was smallish and not many choices in the food bar. Vuelos desde París a Ámsterdam. ", Cons: "We were rebooked, which understandably happens for any number of reasons. Trouvez des billets d’avion pas chers pour Amsterdam depuis Paris. Took a cab to our hotel in Paris (1st Arr) for a flat 50 euros. Cons: "We cheked in on line for our flight Amsterdam Boston Ariiving at 5.05 AM for our first flight to Frankfurt at the lugage drop of desk There was a line out the door wich made us almost mis the plane At the gate they had problems with my carier on The same carier on is traveling with me for more than 15 years and never denied plane acces Result all my creditcards/money and important documents where not longer withs us So we could not buy a drink or food at two airports There was plenty of space in the overhead compartments above our seats That part of our experience was very bad Tnx", Cons: "Tardiness. Also trying to buy the option for the bag on phone was difficult. Cons: "Flight was late. Cons: "The seat space was a little narrow", Pros: "The refurbishments of the 777 aircrafts has definately improved the experience. ", Pros: "Average flight" ", Cons: "Food and coffee were cold. On time." Veuillez vérifier les conditions sur le site de réservation. Boarding will be refused if a negative COVID-19 test result is not presented. Grâce à plus de 2 milliards de recherches traitées chaque année, nous pouvons afficher une grande variété de prix et d’options pour les vols entre Paris et Amsterdam. There is no entertainment. Cons: "I had to run as fast as I could to catch my connecting flight in Abu Dabi. The entertainment system was quite old and had very little selection. Sinon, la ligne 370 vous conduira aussi à Amsterdam. Unsure exactly what would make it better", Points positifs : "Le personnel naviguant, l'avion la gentillesse" My wife's bag took 36 hours. CUSTOEMR SERVICE IS AN UNKNOWN WORD TO THEM. Unfortunatley, there is no way for me to lookbthat information online. Surprising, it was very hot all the time. ", Pros: "Entertainment center is brand new and Cleanliness Crew was ok And yeah there's wine (that way you can get plastered and ignore the uncomfortable seats)" - Normal (2 seats per row! Cons: "Crew forgot to serve several rows of seats including ours. Cons: "LONG lines at check in. ", Pros: "The crew was professional and polite", Pros: "Was nice and pleasurable" Points négatifs : "Only water and bread for the way back while we had full dinner service on the way there. Flight was delayed, entertainment was outdated and the airport staff were rude. Opodo, the online travel agency. Vous pourriez par exemple vous envoler pour Amsterdam avec une compagnie aérienne, puis repartir pour Paris avec une autre. Assez désagréable ce froid et ne pas attendre que nous étions tous sortis. Avoid at all costs. Couldn’t recuperate my suitcase. I'm elderly and being forced to climb up and down stairs to the Tarmac with luggage and then crammed into a bus to the terminal was terrible. ", Points négatifs : "We had a terrible experience at the Aer Lingus desk in Paris. Came by very frequently. Cons: "full flight, no upgrade possible", Pros: "Unexpected surprise--even on a 1 hour flight at noon, they gave us a sandwich! Cons: "there was no lounge close to our departure gate", Pros: "I was upgraded to Buisness so, no complaints" Entry restrictionsFrance has begun to ease its travel restrictions. ", Points négatifs : "Plane is Dirty. Points négatifs : "Nothing. But don't expect to to get the best and newest planes around but it's still overall a good experience." Points négatifs : "Economy was very tight! The comfort was below standard and needs to be improved. Same as in low cost companies but with ticket price of regular one. ", Pros: "Food was relatively good" Whole page with options would not show and getting English version was difficult probably because page would not fit on screen. Security staff were pleasant, and the entire check in process for everything was easy" Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "A short flight but attendants served us a snack and water with a smile." No self serve kiosk. Entertaiment system contents are still great, but the screen is dim and outdated by today's standards. Si votre hébergement est excentré, vous pouvez opter pour le bus. I had to check my carry-on!" JPL l" ", Points négatifs : "Air France lost my luggage and they can't find it in the computer system. ", Points positifs : "De la place pour les jambes, vol à l'heure, embarquement rapide" I've flown a few short trips this summer and I was pleasantly surprised to find KLM still offered complimentary snacks. and questioned my Star Alliance premium silver status, demanding I show her my card (I have no card). Points négatifs : "Walked all over the terminal looking for signage for Croatia Airlines. Service on AF is getting worse. Points négatifs : "suddnely delay of 30 Minutes , then waiting in the plane all in all 60 Minutes - thats a long time for a long distance flight", Points positifs : "Everything was perfect. L'interdiction de voyager pour des raisons non essentielles imposée par l'UE a également été levée pour les résidents de l'Australie, du Japon, de la Corée du Sud, de la Nouvelle-Zélande, du Rwanda, de Singapour, de la Thaïlande et de l'Uruguay. Combien y a-t-il d'aéroports à Paris ? Entertainment system hard to use, finding movies very tedious. Cons: "Airport is too hot", Pros: "Very comfortable flight with plenty of food, drink, entertainment and good service. In total 50 minutes late leaving. Food wise, the chocolate cookie was better than nothing...but a little savory snack would have been nice. Cons: "Cold. Cons: "The check in process was a mess was forced to wait in multiple long lines with the worst, unprofessional, disregarding, condescending staff to check in and then another line to pay for luggage. ", Points négatifs : "The extra customs in Belgrade when the flights are already late is random and ridiculous. Impossible de ne pas visiter les Neuf Ruelles, la Nouvelle Église, le Rijksmuseum ou encore le Van Gogh Museum. ", Pros: "Short flight, no entertainment. Points négatifs : "Poor customer service. ", Points positifs : "Always like Air France. I had a wonderful flight to Europe on Lufthansa and was absolutely appalled at the attitudes of the airport staff and their lack of customer service. Came around when reminded, but then said didn't have enough hands to carry trash away and told us to store cups, etc in back seat pocket when landing. Tepid coffee at absurd $4.50! Choisissez la meilleure compagnie aérienne en lisant des avis et en comparant des centaines de tarifs aériens pour des vols au départ et à destination de chez vous . ", Points négatifs : "The fact that I tried for nearly a week to CANCEL the flight. They completely ignored multiple requests. Result, take off 20 minutes late because there was not enough room for luggage in the overhead compartments. ", Pros: "We cheked in on line At Amsterdam airport at the drop of lugage was a nightmare Line out the door wich made us almost missing the plane" Not enough drinks were offered. Seats uncomfortable", Cons: "My suitcase dodnt arrive because they decide to leave it in skopje till the next day . So now we have to wait a couple of days to get the rest of our luggages. En otras aerolíneas de este estilo por lo menos dan café. ", Points positifs : "Jet airways flight till mumbai" I wish all the movies had subtitles so I could read rather than have to deal with the head phones and the bad quality sound they produce. Temps de vol. It was a joke for anyone with kids or the elderly. This is not the first time I've had a bad experience at this airport. I will do everything I can to avoid flying with Air Serbia in the future. Cons: "The cabin crew was very friendly and helped me to move from a center seat to an aisle seat. ", Points positifs : "Bagages misent en soute gratuitement." and pass additional security control where they don't let you carry in any tax free purchases you make at your originating airport although you never leave the transit area. Flight over sold, Swiss had no record of the booking. Cons: "Leg room in economy is inadequate for international flights. ", Pros: "The food was great. Le parking P4 est situé à quelques minutes des terminaux mais propose des tarifs plus bas. Cons: "No leg room for us tall people! Les voyageurs en provenance de régions ou de pays à haut risque (orange) doivent s'auto-isoler pendant 10 jours à l'arrivée. Cons: "The seats seem to have gotten smaller and were rather uncomfortable for a 7 hour flight. Arrivals from countries not named above will be invited to present negative test results taken 72 hours prior to departure or may opt to take a test on arrival.Quarantine requirementsTravelers without a negative test result arriving from Category 2 countries and from countries not named above are subject to quarantine if they refuse to take a test upon arrival.Transiting rulesThere are special regulations for travelers transiting through France to return to their country of residence. BAD way to manage a crisis in my opinion. Cons: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! ", Points négatifs : "Haven’t got there yet!! Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points positifs : "Very efficient boarding. EMOTA. Points négatifs : "Manners", Points positifs : "Nothing" Vol Paris – Amsterdam Consultez tous les vols Air France disponibles au départ de Paris et à destination de Amsterdam. Points négatifs : "We were not advised of a flight number change or checking in location change. Because of this I couldn't sleep it was kinda miserable not gonna lie. Points négatifs : "It took a while to complete boarding, mostly because of carry-on luggage, but it did not delay departure. ", Pros: "The crew was very nice , offering us often drinks and snacks There was touch screen to each passenger the flight passed faster thanks to the films ... especially i loved the idea of waching a film that took place in new york city when our destinations was new york . ", Points négatifs : "the flight was lite more than 30 minutes. Then, my luggage got lost during the transfer, so I had to wait for 5 hours, which made my plans a mess. Travel industry awards. Smooth boarding and flight." Thank you", Pros: "Friendly staff Food was great Constantly handing out water and drinks", Pros: "The crew was very friendly and professional" Waited in shuttle for 45 minutes before being taken to plane. À quelle heure dois-je arriver à l'aéroport ? Pourtant lors de l'embarquement nous devions attendre dans le couloir froid, mieux d'attendre avant la porte." Cons: "On time boarding", Pros: "Horrible seating, boarding was a mess, not sure what flight to get on!!" Points négatifs : "After running due to a 1 hr 10 min change over between flights boarding didn't prioritise anyone but I got on fine. Leg room can be better, even with the extended legroom space. Cons: "Everything is uncomfortable", Pros: "The attentiveness of the crew and the online check in." no me nor my freinds/family will go with KLM", Points positifs : "The crew was very pleasant and professional. I simply had to go with 'belief' that my special meal would be there. ", Points positifs : "Crew was very polite and helpful, seat pitch was acceptable for my height (1.92 cm)" Limited choice of movies. Not comfortable at all. ", Pros: "Friendly crew. I had a 23kg bag. Différentes options s'offrent à vous pour vous rendre à Amsterdam : soit vous posez le pied à Amsterdam (AMS-Schiphol), à 11 km de la ville, soit vous vous tournez vers Aéroport de Hoofddorp (QHZ), qui se trouve à approximativement 15 km de votre future destination.\n Great entertainment system." Food was better than most airlines’ long haul meals." Lots of flights from Paris to Amsterdam (almost hourly), but my bag showed up 12 hours later. Consultez la liste des exemptions pour plus d'informations. ", Pros: "Friendly in-flight personell" ", Points positifs : "Seats comfy" They also lost my luggage. Prices are among the highest in the region and all you get is a glass of water and a small bag of snacks. Why are you so poor! Points négatifs : "Food not great - not all menu options available. I had to rush to the airport couldn't by my ticket because they don't sell at counter and then was on phone with air Serbia for 45 mins before I could buy my flight on a long distance call which will probably cost me $50. Cons: "Air serbia did not tell us why there was a 4+ hour delay to belgrade. (I have a printout ticket as proof!) Surly old battle axe sky waitresses. À la recherche d’un vol à petit prix ? Cons: "El avión era un ATR-72 algo viejo, no era cómodo por dentro. Crew really great." Cons: "Yet again it was flight delay from KLM side. Boarding involved making everyone wait standing up for more than twenty five minutes corralled into as corner. Wi-Fi wasn’t available for a portion of the flight. Assez luxueux, ils vous proposent une salle de conférence ou une salle de sport. I had to rush through passport control, skip the line, to make my flight. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Lovely crew" Points négatifs : "Quite bummed that the flight didn't have wifi / USB):", Points positifs : "The crew was very nice and helpful." ", Pros: "-" Points négatifs : "Nothing much to add for a short journey. You could then fly to Paris with an airline and back to Amsterdam with another airline. Same crappy seats, but two people instead of three! Les touristes doivent également réserver leur logement de vacances avant de se rendre aux Pays-Bas. Not getting an aisle seat was disturbing at my height. Points négatifs : "Retard au décollage de 30 min minimum à l'aller comme au retour avec KLM. ", Cons: "The cabin temperature was too warm and we had to keep asking for water to stay hydrated. - Normal (middle of the plane): are you kidding me? It was like watching a movie on a Motorola Razr (or my old Ericsson flip phone). Même en business fini le petit service avec des plats raffinés. Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Paris have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. The staff makes some people take off shoes but not others, they opened my cartoon accusing me of having a liquid when I had an empty glass container that he’d already been checked at two other checkpoints. Points négatifs : "No problems", Points positifs : "the Airline" Even the gate agent wasn't able to look that informationmout, and told me it will be there. Crew was nice, good food, boarding went smooth, flight was on time." Points négatifs : "It was an hour late", Points positifs : "Personal treatment I have received as I was with a 7 months baby. ", Points positifs : "comfortable seating, friendly helpful crew, good food" We will NEVER use Kayak again!7", Pros: "Overall experience was great. Points négatifs : "There was no entertainment which is why I assigned that category only one star. The food and drink is only available for pay. Flights from Paris to Amsterdam. París Ámsterdam. ", Pros: "Nothing" Food was yummy. Points négatifs : "Gluten free option", Points positifs : "Le personnel toujours aussi souriant et agréable" Your entertainment SUCKS. The entertainment unit was very difficult to dislodge and raise to use (We were in the front). You will be landing at one of these airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle or Paris Orly. Thankfully, the flight itself after that horrendous experience was good. Also, I was asked to check in my bag because "the aircraft was full" however when I got on the plane I noticed it was half-empty and there would have been ample overhead room. ", Pros: "The price" ", Pros: "Proper business service all the way." Les vols directs Paris - Amsterdam sont au départ de l'aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) pour la majorité, à l'exception de la compagnie Transavia qui propose des vols au départ de l'aéroport d'Orly (ORY). Also, my flight was an hour late. Points négatifs : "Check in was much slower that all other check in desks and was only 2 girls then 3 girls on check in. Aging aircraft. ", Points positifs : "Petit avion sans trop de place." Un vol de Amsterdam à Paris a une durée de 1 heure et 46 minutes environ. Cons: "Not a big fan of paying for a few extra inches of leg room in a better seat after paying for a ticket. ", Points négatifs : "This flight is apparently consistently late", Points négatifs : "My booking reference code was delivered too late so I missed the check-in time and therefore missed the flight", Points négatifs : "The worst airline ever. ", Pros: "Proffesional and courteous" Cons: "I did not know I had purchased economy light ticket. Crew was attentive and polite. ", Points positifs : "I was amazed with leg room for all regular economy seats, I'm tall guy and constantly have problem with leg room but here I was pretty suprised." Points négatifs : "Cramped rickety stairs, up & down to Passport control. Rude staff. They did not check on me after that. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it. Now being told it will take up to 5 days! The cheapest flight from Amsterdam to Paris was found 63 days before departure, on average. Les tarifs pour les vols directs vont de 98 € à 238 € (moyenne à 132 €). Euros for another ticket. Points négatifs : "We were delayed on the tarmac for almost an hour due to a storm at AMS. Ok for a few hours of flying but not for an 11 hour flight!!! Points négatifs : "I know this was a short flight but one tiny bag of pretzels is just not acceptable! Otherwise excellent." Worst airplane very old and run down. Points négatifs : "Le soucis se situe souvent dans les aéroports, notamment celui de Tegel à Berlin. ", Points positifs : "The staff was great" ", Pros: "traveler's assistance check in on time smooth flying. 8 hours in the plane and no one offered us water. Got up early to check in at the airport, discovered I was logged in... After all that, the airline changed my seat without warning, moving me from the window seat I selected (and paid for) to a middle seat. Cons: "The Amsterdam airport is super disorganized, with rude employees great at making excuses for their incompetence. ", Pros: "Our flight out of Amsterdam was roughly 30 minutes late. Avion propre et choix de langues (anglais, néerlandais et français) apprécié." Then the flight was delayed, almost missed my connection. When they charge you 100 extra euro you expect your bag to make it to its final destination. ", Points positifs : "On time departure, and slightly early arrival. Points négatifs : "Rien", Points négatifs : "Le vol a été dérouté sur Lyon pour des vents dangereux. The crew were extremely helpful and caring. They are one of the few major European airlines that don't serve free food. We got there two hours early for our flight and there was already a long line at the desk and no agents at the counter. ", Points positifs : "Le surclassement en business mais surtout le check in automatique via KAYAK, les avertissements sur le retard via KAYAK trips et l’information sur porte d’embarquement et le numéro de carrousel pour récupérer son baggage sur l’app KAYAK- Merci KAYAK" Points négatifs : "Hundreds of people missed their flights. ", Points positifs : "Efficient on and off Staff polite and helpful", Points positifs : "All of the crew were friendly and the flight was on time." Cons: "The seats are terrible. The breakfast supplied was an egg and mayonnaise sandwich plus a drink, which seemed about right and very Dutch in character."