Please refresh the page and try again. In terms of cost, they’re very closely matched indeed. None of the three phones has a 3.5mm headphone port (is it time to sound the death knell for them?) OnePlus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. However the Apple handset isn't a 5G phone, which the OnePlus 8 is, as is the Samsung Galaxy S20 unless you opt for the slightly cheaper 4G version. Then the camera effect between OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ is How big is the gap? Better Camera Resolution Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 12 MP OnePlus 8 Pro 48 MP. The OnePlus 8 has the biggest screen of the three, with a 6.55-inch display, which is Fluid AMOLED and has a resolution of 1080 x 2400. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus starts at $1,200 and is widely available from all … Both Samsung and Apple are known for their great image-processing AI, and OnePlus's is nothing to turn your nose up at either. The OnePlus 8 is available in two storage options: if you want 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage that's $699 / £599 (roughly AU$1,050), and then 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is $799 / £699 (roughly AU$1,250). Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! However, with the Samsung you also get a microSD slot for expansion purposes, which isn’t included with the OnePlus. While it’s far from a clean sweep, though, we’d give the clear edge to the OnePlus 8 Pro. We’re genuinely surprised that Samsung hasn’t introduced a ‘fix’ with a subsequent update, but we can only assume that the company couldn’t figure out the battery life implications. This is backed by a 64-megapixel f/2.0 3x telephoto and a 12-megapixel f/2.2 ultra-wide. © The OnePlus 8 is king of charging though, with 30W wired charging, which is quicker than the iPhone 11's 18W or Samsung Galaxy S20's 25W. The 5-megapixel colour filter camera is a gimmick, though. So in addition to listing the OnePlus 8 specs and reviewing it, we’re here to evaluate how it compares to what Samsung and Apple are doing in a similar price bracket. It should be noted that availability across these models and territories is pretty patchy. All rights reserved. It has a 12MP main, 64MP telephoto (for 3x hybrid optical zoom) and 12MP ultra-wide camera, joined by a 10MP module on the front. As it is, we’re writing this from the UK, where the so-called global model of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is sold. OnePlus 8 Pro 256GB vs OnePlus 8T vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G comparison on basis of price, specifications, features, performance, display & camera, storage & battery, reviews & ratings and much more with full phone specifications at Gadgets Now. Light weight devices are easier to hold without tiring your arms. It's also worth pointing out that the OnePlus 8 and Samsung Galaxy S20 have in-screen fingerprint scanners, a technology Apple has largely ignored in favor of Face ID, which some will prefer and others may find unreliable. It also has an aspect ratio of 20:9, a resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels, and a screen to body ratio of 89.9%. One final area of comparison is software. Both screens are excellent, and among the very best you can get in a phone today. Let us take a look at how the three promising smartphones stack up … The OnePlus 8 and Samsung Galaxy S20 run Android 10 with their own custom user interfaces (UIs) laid over the top, while the iPhone 11 comes with iOS 13. The OnePlus 8 has three rear cameras, consisting of a 48MP main, 16MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro snapper. When it comes to storage, both phones have their advantages. That largely accounts for the difference in size and weight. In this group of outdoor photography comparisons, you can see the difference between the photos taken between OnePlus 8Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20+, mainly in terms of exposure. Finally, the iPhone 11 costs $699 / £729 / AU$1,199 for 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, rising to $749 / £779 / AU$1,279 for 128GB of storage and $849 / £879 / AU$1,449 for 256GB of storage. Compare Samsung Galaxy S20 vs OnePlus 8 Pro with our phone comparison tool and get side-by-side specifications. More significantly, the OnePlus is capable of outputting at QHD and 120Hz simultaneously. Full comparison of OnePlus 8 pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Including Camera test, battery, speakers, specs, features and more! Samsung offers its handset in a wider range of colors – 5 against 3 – and each has a glossier finish than that of the OnePlus 8 Pro. Both of them offer thin bezels, flat displays, and a similar shape. If you like high refresh rates, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the best choice as it has a 120Hz refresh rate, compared to 90Hz on the OnePlus 8 and the 'standard' 60Hz on the iPhone 11. OnePlus 8T. The OnePlus 8 … Sharing identical review scores, similar pricing, and a nip-and-tuck spec list, we’re looking at an incredibly tight fight. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera protrudes more noticeably, however, which we found annoying. OnePlus 8T vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comparison based on specs and price. Two of the best Android phones released in 2020 so far, you really couldn’t go wrong with either the OnePlus 8 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S20. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has the same number of lenses on the back, though their purposes differ. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G vs Oneplus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus mobile comparision on Cashify will help … Kudos to OnePlus for sticking with that physical alert slider, too. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a very similar display as that of OnePlus 8 Pro, as the phone features a curved 6.9-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED Display with a pixel density of 511ppi, a color range of 16M colors, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. In terms of display, the iPhone 11 is the smallest with a 6.1-inch 828 x 1792 LCD panel, so it's a little low-res compared to its competitors. Similarly, the iPhone 11 from September 2019 was the most 'basic' of Apple’s 11 series, which made it the most affordable in the iPhone 11 range, and therefore the model that many people gravitated to. The OnePlus 8's 2MP macro le… BA1 1UA. In terms of battery capacity, the OnePlus 8 is the clear winner with a 4,300mAh power pack, larger than the Samsung Galaxy S20's 4,000mAh or iPhone 11's 3,110mAh. So the 'best' phone of these three depends on the amount you're willing to spend, and which specs you value more than others. The Samsung Galaxy S20 is arguably the best phone of the three in terms of raw specs, with its impressive display quality, reverse wireless charging, telephoto lens and decent battery life making it a great handset. These two phones are direct competitors for your hard-earned money, so it pays to know which holds the overall advantage. In day-to-day terms, and even with most high-end games, this difference isn’t readily apparent, but it does make the OnePlus 8 Pro slightly more future-proof. Perhaps the OnePlus 8 Pro would gain a slight edge, thanks to the option of 12GB of LDDR5 RAM over the fixed 8GB in the Samsung Galaxy S20. On this page, you will find tests, full specs, strengths, and weaknesses of each of the gadgets. But the OnePlus 8 Pro wins out for a couple of reasons. More importantly, it’s a far flatter display than that of the OnePlus 8 Pro, which leads to fewer false presses and visual distortions with landscape content. But there are some noteworthy differences. Beyond being easier to handle, the Samsung dramatically lessens the severity of its display edge curves in comparison to previous generation handsets. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Today's best OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 deals, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Xbox Series S is now a real threat to PS5, Amazon PS5 restock time: when and how to buy the 46,000 PS5 consoles, Xbox Series X restock date: Target, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop – here's when, PS5 restock date: It's back in stock at Sony Direct – Target and Amazon may be next. More resolution generally means better picture quality, though it's not always necessary. Both phones will last a day of normal use, with double figures left in the tank. OnePlus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Mobile Comparison - Compare OnePlus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price in India, Camera, Size and other specifications at Gadgets Now In some ways the OnePlus 8 is an intriguing replacement with its big screen, high-res main camera and large battery. Not any more. It's also, generally, the most affordable of these three phones. We’re looking at a pair of vibrant AMOLEDs capable of up to QHD+ resolutions and 120Hz refresh rates. You don’t get as much bloatware as you do with the Galaxy S20, either. Also, you’ll find plenty of discounting if you shop around. A 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens offers a capable zoomed-out alternative, and while we ‘d have liked a slightly sharper telephoto sensor than the 3x 8-megapixel unit provided, it’s still capable of decent shots. Around 300% more mega pixels (MP) than Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. GPU restock fail: what's the point of releasing new graphics cards if nobody can actually buy them? We’ve also experienced the odd glitch when it comes to gaming on the Exynos 990, which suggests an inferior level of support from developers. The OnePlus 8 Pro supports 30W wireless charging, if you buy the appropriate charger, while the Samsung supports a slower (but still quick) 15W standard. We called its display “one of the best screens available on a smartphone right now” in our review, and that remains the case. Samsung typically wins when it’s involved in any flagship display comparison, but things aren’t so simple with the OnePlus 8 Pro involved. The OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 are generally somewhat similar in price, depending on where you live and what storage variant you opt for. The South Korean company has been near the top of the mobile photography tree for years now, while OnePlus has always come up short. There was a problem. Intel declares war on AMD with demo of Tiger Lake 8-core laptop CPU gaming at 5GHz, Plasma TV: why Samsung and Panasonic ditched the technology for good. This means that at any one time, if you crank up the OnePlus 8 Pro screen to the max, it’s either sharper or more fluid than its rival. But this makes minimal difference in practical terms. But if we were given a straight choice between the two, the OnePlus 8 Pro would get our money. When it comes to the design, these two phones do look somewhat similar. So if you want the next generation of connectivity perhaps the iPhone 11 isn't the phone for you. This is largely a matter of preference, but Samsung’s placement is a little more unique to our eyes, not to mention symmetrical. If you want to capture a moment as it looks to your naked eye, the OnePlus will probably do a better job. Over on the OnePlus website, the OnePlus 8 Pro starts from £799/$899 (around AU$1,406), but it isn’t available in Australia. With the entry-level Galaxy S20, you only get 4G connectivity. In the grand scheme of things, though, all three phones occupy that space between mid-range and premium prices. Design, display, and durability. The Galaxy S20 is a centimetre shorter and half a centimetre narrower than the 8 Pro, which makes it a far more pocketable phone. It’s a real boon. The South Korean manufacturer makes some of the most attractive phones in the business, and the Galaxy S20 is no exception. However, it’s worth pointing out that the OnePlus 8 Pro is generally being asked to do a little more. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two. There was a problem. That’s largely thanks to a main 48-megapixel f/1.78 Sony IMX689 image sensor, which is one of the largest you’ll find in any phone. Samsung’s own websites in the UK and Australia are currently selling the S20 for less than RRP, for example. The most important difference between the two phones is the camera setup. On the front it has a 16MP selfie camera. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a slightly larger 6.2-inch screen with a much higher 1440 x 3200 resolution and Dynamic AMOLED tech, so in most ways it's actually a better phone for display quality. With the Samsung phone, it’s a case of either or. And to do that we need to break things down, spec by spec, and re-examine our thoughts on each. The OnePlus 8 Pro can ‘only’ manage 4K at 60 fps. While they both have high-quality main and ultra-wide cameras, the similarities stop there. Fans who like their phones a little more understated might prefer OnePlus’s more matte finish. However, Samsung’s wide-angle camera takes in a broader field of view than OnePlus’s, which means it’s more useful at what it sets out to do. OnePlus 8 competes with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S20, and the iPhone 11 in the smartphone market. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s shots are perhaps more natural-looking and more capable in low light, while the Samsung produces punchier colors and more expansive ultra-wide shots, as well as offering the potential for 8K video capture. Further up the price scale, the 5G-ready Samsung Galaxy S20 costs £899 / $1,000 / AU$1,499, and the OnePlus 8 Pro 12GB RAM with 256GB of storage costs £899 / $999 (about AU$1,597). The two phones launched in 2020 within a month and a half of one another, with the Galaxy S20 landing first on March 6 and the OnePlus 8 Pro arriving a little later on April 21. Let’s kick things off with some baseline numbers. © If you prefer smaller phones, or if you catch wind of a cut-price deal, then the Samsung Galaxy S20 is still a brilliant pick, and one of the best phones on the market right now. And that phone runs on Samsung’s own Exynos 990 CPU. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Offering up a bigger display that can be cranked up to QHD and 120Hz simultaneously, this is something the Galaxy S20 simply can’t match. Both phones wobble on a flat surface, but in different ways. In general use, the Samsung Galaxy S20 produces shots with punchier, more vibrant colors that might better suit an Instagram post than those taken with the OnePlus. The OnePlus 8 Pro has a 4510mAh battery, which is much bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S20’s 4000mAh unit. The iPhone 11 may feel slightly different, as it's the only one without a curved display, but in general the phones aren't wildly different in terms of design. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, OnePlus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S20: Specs comparison. The complete information of specifications to decide which to buy. If we were writing this part of the comparison from the US, then it would be a straight-up tie. On paper, the Galaxy S20 FE beats the OnePlus 8T in several areas, including price. The OnePlus 8 is both taller, wider, and thicker than the Galaxy S20. Let’s see how they all compare. That’s because it has a considerably larger display, more on that in the display section. If we were to make a choice based on aesthetic value alone, we might just be pushed to go with the Samsung Galaxy S20. However battery capacity isn't the same as battery life, and the OnePlus 8 has a larger display to use up that power quicker. Galaxy S20 FE vs … The OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11 are all fairly premium phones, so their build is to be expected: glass fronts and backs with an aluminum frame. Maybe when you saw the title you might feel is it really a comparison or it’s just to embarrass the new OnePlus phone.

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